Our Purpose

The purpose of our PAC IS to:

  • Enhance the educational opportunities of the School by promoting a safe & positive learning environment.
  • Act as a supporting body within the School community.
  • Promote unity and understanding between Staff, Students and Parents.
  • Raise funds for educational resources and activities at the School.
  • Advise the School Board, Principal, and Staff of any matter relating to the School and concerns from its Parents.
  • Advocate for the Students’ educational & safety needs.


  • A committee to discuss individual students or individual staff problems/conflicts.

For an official copy of the PAC’s Constitution, please click here.

We hope that you’ll come out and meet our Team and hear about the events, initiatives, and plans we have for the current school year. We also look forward to hearing anything you’d like to propose or suggest, so please bring your ideas!

Fundraising opportunities or ideas from ALL parents are always welcome!