Maillard’s Student/Community Crosswalk Petition


From: “Mooney, Dan”
Date: March 29, 2017 at 6:00:21 PM PDT
Subject: Millard Middle School – Crosswalk Request, Rochester Avenue at Goyer Court

Good afternoon:

This e-mail is a follow up to your delegation at the Council-in-Committee session on February 20, 2016 to request a signed and marked crosswalk on Rochester Avenue at Goyer Court.

We commissioned a detailed traffic count and review the warrants for the requested crosswalk crossing Rochester Avenue on the west side of Goyer Court. The traffic counts were undertaken on Thursday March 2nd and Tuesday 7th . The data collected was compared against the Pedestrian Crossing Control Manual for BC, which is the guide the City uses to determine where and what level of pedestrian control is required at any given location.

The existing pedestrian and traffic volumes on the section of Rochester Avenue at Goyer Court are such that this location does not warrant a marked and signed crosswalk, at this time. The data collected did include quantifying the amount of pick-up and drop-off activity that occurred on the north side of Rochester Avenue, west of Goyer Court and even if we were able to redirect the vast majority of those existing mid-block crossings to the selected location at the west side of this ‘tee’ intersection, the warrant would not be met due to the number of natural gaps occurring in the traffic stream on Rochester Avenue.

While the proposed crossing location is suitable from a sightline perspective, the down side to installing a crosswalk at this location is that the pedestrian volumes don’t warrant it so it will be very rare that motorists will see and/or have to stop for a pedestrian waiting to cross the street at this location. Under the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act an “Un-Marked” crosswalk exists at this and every intersection in the city, and these “un-marked” crosswalks provide the same rights and responsibilities that any marked crossing does. At “un-marked” crossings pedestrians are generally a more cautious, and often cross in the naturally occurring gaps, rather than forcing traffic to come to a stop. Both being extra cautious and crossing in a natural gap are safer than lowering your caution and presuming all approaching motorists will obey the rules. Having pedestrians force a gap in the traffic, or even having motorists stop and create a gap in the traffic, to allow pedestrian to cross can create a more hazardous situation than crossing in a naturally occurring gap which is always considered the safest situation. These are some of the concerns for safety at this location and throughout the community) that establish the minimum thresholds that are required before we install a signed and marked crosswalk.

We appreciate that these are not the results that you had hoped for we can assure you our interests in pedestrian safety for school children is shared and paramount in our evaluation.

While a signed and marked crossing of Rochester Avenue at the west side of Goyer Court is not warranted, our data collection and observations did identify a few items which raise some concerns and we would welcome the opportunity to meet (on site) with you and other PAC Members and School Administration Staff to review the results and look at what other measures we might do to improve the traffic safety around the school. For example the new park parking lot should be paved in the near future and that might provide a new opportunity to expand the ‘drop-off’ / ‘pick-up’ zone on the south side of the school, and reduce the amount of “U-Turns’ and activity along the north side of the roadway.

If agreeable to you, please contact Jannette Guarin directly and she will set up a date and time to meet.

Dan G. Mooney, AScT, CPWI1
Manager – Transportation
City of Coquitlam

*** UPDATE – 02/22/2017 ***

A quick thank you to Jennifer Blatherwick who did an amazing job with the Council presentation! All in attendance were very supportive, with the exception of Mayor Stewart who seemed a bit dismissive of the presentation. Councilors had positive feedback, with the Transportation Liaison – Dan Mooney – agreeing to survey the traffic in front of Maillard the week before Spring Break. The ultimate decision on if the crosswalk will be installed will come based on Mr Mooney’s survey findings & report.

Stay tuned for further updates…

The Maillard PAC

*** UPDATE – 02/13/2017 ***

We have reached a new milestone and have collected an excess of 250 signatures in support of the Maillard Crosswalk petition. With that the Maillard PAC has requested and been granted an opportunity to speak at an upcoming Coquitlam City Councilor’s meeting.

Though our speakers will only have 5 minutes to speak and present this initiative, we are hoping that we can get as many parents and students to attend the event. Your standing in support behind us in numbers will show Council just how much this initiative means to us all and how much we value the safety of our kids!

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 20th @ 2:00pm . Please consider helping us by attending with your family and joining us 15 minutes early (1:45pm), as we prepare for our presentation.

The Maillard PAC

*** Original Posting – 12/14/2016 ***

A petition has been drafted by the Maillard PAC and is being signed by staff, students, parents, and local community residents to request that a new crosswalk be installed in front of Maillard Middle School to facilitate the safe crossing of all pedestrians\visitors (mainly Maillard’s students) to Maillard, but also to the adjacent new Public Park.

As Maillard’s main entrance is off of Rochester Ave and is used as a main drop off location by parents, it only makes sense that a safe crossing be installed to ensure the safety of our students.

The proposed crosswalk would cross Rochester in a North-South direction and would be physically located to the west of the Goyer Court/Rochester Ave intersection.
Proposed Maillard Crosswalk

Though there currently is a crosswalk located approximately 230 feet (70 meters) to the West from the proposed location, that crosswalk is specifically deemed for use by the students of Traditional Learning Academy Private School and is significantly out of the way of Maillard’s main front entrances.

Additionally, with the construction of the new park directly adjacent to Maillard, a more Easterly safe passage cross Rochester is required.

Based on the above, we are petitioning to add the designated crosswalk.

Please take a few minutes next time you attend a Maillard event to sign our petition.

The Maillard PAC